Isha Thaimai

“It is not just about reproduction – as a mother, what kind of next generation you create is in your hands.” – Sadhguru


‘Isha Thaimai’ is an initiative specially designed for pregnant mothers to bring more awareness about the pregnancy period and teach them how to keep their body, mind, and emotion in a pleasant way, in order to experience a joyful pregnancy. This program will also be a platform for them to learn about how to deliver a healthy baby and the best ways to take care of the child.

During pregnancy, it is very important that the body, mind, and heart are kept in a pleasant way, as the aspiration is to bring forth a more highly evolved being than us.

In this culture there has been an elaborate system as to how to take care of a pregnant woman – a whole protected system. There is a whole science behind this; over a period of time it got exaggerated and lost its significance. Otherwise what kind of people she should meet, whom she should see and not see, what she should read and not read – everything was fixed. Her room was done up in a certain way. The idea was to keep her in utmost pleasantness, so not a moment of anger, frustration or resentment should happen within her.

Once a woman is pregnant she was taken care of like she was a precious jewel. This was done because the kind of impressions she puts into herself also goes into the child. If she is in such a pleasant state, she will provide the best possible situation for child to flourish.

Program Structure:

  • 8 sessions total
  • Each session will be for a duration of 2.5 hours
  • Conducted by qualified and well-trained professionals.

Special Features

  • Audio-visual clippings are presented to explain in a simple way about motherhood – beginning with fertilization, the  three stages of pregnancy, delivery, neonatal care, breast-feeding  child care, growth and development.
  • There will be lectures, discussions, demonstrations, group activities, and interactions, which will foster positive attitudes.
  • Simple and powerful yogic  practices, meditation and pranayams will be taught, which can be done at different times, during and after pregnancy.
  • Ways to deepen the bond between mother and child will be offered.
  • There will be opportunity to share personal experiences with other pregnant women in a supportive atmosphere of trust, love and understanding.
  • Participants will gain practical experience of the benefits of nutritious food.
  • Creative art and crafts sessions will be held to help one’s imagination find expression.
  • Games will be conducted to break inhibitions and bring forth one’s innate joy.


  • A happy and healthy pregnancy period. Regular yogic practices reduce mental stress and anxieties.
  • Tools offered can greatly enhance the mental and the physical development of the fetus.
  • Smooth delivery. The yogic practices strengthen pelvic floor and abdomen muscle. It paves way for easy delivery without complications.
  • After childbirth, one can quickly regain one’s physical state prior to pregnancy.

Isha Arogya
7/1, Advaitha Ashramam Road, Fairands, Salem – 16.
Ph: 0427-2333232, 94425 48852.

Isha Arogya
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Adambakkam, Chennai – 600088
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The Mother in me

In one of the sessions, the meditation given by Sadhguru was in English, I could hardly understand the language, but to my surprise I could grasp what was offered. The process went on for forty minutes. When I sat closing my eyes, I could feel the motherhood completely. I could feel the movements of my baby, while Sadhguru was speaking. For about 20 minutes the movements were predominant.

My experience with the child

Every time when I record my experience, my mind is full of bliss. When days pass on with more occasions of being with my child, I feel as if we are one with reference to body and mind. It is very difficult to explain these experiences. It is beyond words.

Experience of the class

Every class in this program has given me additional energy and has rejuvenated me.

When I continue my yoga practices without any lapse, I could feel the change taking place in my body. With the relaxed body and mind I could do my daily chores very well without any tension. I always had the fear of bad dreams. In one of the sessions, Sadhguru talked about dreams. It cleared all my confusions and doubts. I have also changed my food habits slightly. This has refreshed my body.

Here, when I was with the other expecting mothers, I felt absolutely happy. Words are not enough to thank Sadhguru for offering such an innovative program for pregnant women and make us experience the bliss.